Member Journey

Here at Aspire gym we have a 3 step process to help you on your fitness journey.

Step 1 – Induction (Required)

Here you will meet with one of our fitness instructors where they will discuss your health background and demonstrate how to use the equipment safely.

Step 2 – Prescribed Programme (Optional)

This is a more in-depth discussion where the fitness instructor will ask all about you and your fitness goals to find out what you are looking to achieve.  We recommend that you use our body stat analysis scales.  These measurements are a good base level to monitor and actively track your results using the MyWellness app.

Step 3 – Programme Revamp (optional)

As you continue it is important to update and renew your programme every 6 weeks.  When you progress so should your training.  This will ensure to get the results you are looking for whilst keeping the programme fresh, enjoyable, and challenging.

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Aspire Fitness Team